About Us

Who are we?

Itigaa is a service provider app catering to all staffing needs for events across India. It is the brain child of young enthusiasts aiming to make a mark in providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to client groups looking for organising all kinds of events be it a fashion show, a gala dinner or a business conference or a brand activation. Itigaa’s priority lies in attention to every detail needed by the client to create a long lasting impression and relationship. Bridging the gap between wonderful artists and you through an easy platform is where Itigaa’s expertise lies.

Our team focuses on procuring professional entertainment, promotional and activation services at your fingertip without any hassle of multiple contacts as we will concentrate on finding right sources from nearby location which will involve cost benefits as well. Clients can very well delegate every responsibility of the resources to Itigaa and relax.

Through our app, we plan to provide human resources catering to all kind of event needs eliminating the hassle of payments, tracking and unavailability of resources making it easy for both ends

Why choose itigaa?

What is the first thing you seek from your audience? Attention isn’t it? And now that we have a bit of yours, can we tell you more about us?

Be it a brand or be it any event, it’s crucial to capture and hold the interest of spectators. So if you want to create awareness about your brand or engage consumers, if you are looking to throw a party or your little toddler is all set to celebrate her first birthday, we have got you covered!

Welcome to Itigaa. The turnkey solution for all the human resource needs
Itigaa is fledged resource agency ready to skilfully address a variety of needs through range of event and activation services right from a volunteer to run the event smoothly to a wonderful host to double the charm.

Best talented people

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Easy to communicate

Having clarity of purpose and a clear picture of what you desire.

Easy to find candidate

Introspection is the trick. Understand what you want.

Global recruitment option

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